Signing up with a Web-Wallet

The web wallet, commonly referred to as an e-wallet is one of the many convenient gifts brought about through the innovations that the internet has nurtured. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand what an e-wallet is, how it works, or how to use one yourself. E-wallets are a big part of the whole e-commerce industry as well as iPhone casino industry. These online payment mechanisms have aided in the proliferation of the iPhone casino industry, going all the way back to the late 90s when just a few were around. These initial online banking services, often epitomised by Neteller, were developed alongside the payment systems of online casinos to aid in the payment of players.

Nowadays the web-wallet industry is a billion dollar one with many different types to choose from – usually region specific and with variations in fees, loyalty programs and aesthetics. In essence though, they all have the same functionalities. While web wallets/e-wallets enjoy a fair amount of popularity, the one thing that can deter players and potential users is the sign-up process. This process can seem cumbersome, complicated and laborious. This is however not true. Signing up is quite fast and so is the confirmation process.

The Sign-Up Process

The process we’re about to describe is a generic one. There might be a difference here and there, depending on which brand of web wallet you elect to sign up with, but on the whole, the processes are all the same.  The sign-up process can be broken down into 4 steps, with 1, 2 and possibly 3 steps thereafter, although these are not guaranteed.

It goes without saying that the first thing you would need to do is go to the domain or website of the web-wallet. This could be Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), PayPal or Click and Buy. Once you’re on the website, look out for the “Sign-up Here” or “Join Now for Free” button. From this point on you’ll be presented with an online from to fill out. These 4 steps will need to be completed:

  1. Provide your email address.
  2. Decide on a password and confirm it. The password will likely have to be mix of 8 and more characters. The more you mix it up, the better and stronger it is.
  3. Select your currency. This is also indicative of the region/country in which you reside.
  4. Fill in your personal information by providing:

Once all this information is entered and processed, which takes just a minute at the most, you’ll have your login credential (email and password) to enter into your account.  You can then fund your web-wallet account by way of a direct bank transfer or a credit card or debit card.  In some cases and as part of a security protocol, the web-wallet might send a small amount of cash to your bank account which you will need to confirm to complete the entire process.

Famous Web-Wallets

The following web-wallets are among the most commonly used ones in the iPhone casino industry. These are reliable and safe ways to conduct your business online. They provide privacy and safety and are regulated by accredited financial bodies. Their usage also goes beyond gaming to thousands of vendors around the world. These options are: