Casino Deposits: Paysafecard

PaysafecardPaysafecard is a depositing mechanism designed for the player who wants to save on time, save on money and safeguard his or her privacy to the maximum extent. Paysafecard is a well-established payment mechanism that’s designed specifically for deposits. As a banking option, it is ideally suited for online gambling, but its popularity extends well beyond the realms of gambling.  In 2015 alone this payment option did 97 million transactions in 43 countries in 25 languages and 24 currencies – and that’s the other great thing about Paysafecard, you can immediately purchase it in your own currency and avoid any conversion fees. Thus, not only does it offer you convenience, but it also saves you money.

Obtaining a Paysafecard

Unlike an e-wallet or a credit card that will require a bit of paperwork, Paysafecard requires absolutely nothing from you. It’s simply a case of walking into one of the many affiliated retailers who sell it and purchasing it. The only decisions you’ll need to take is how much you want to load up and in what currency you’d like to transact. Paysafecard’s multicurrency feature also makes it the ideal travel companion. The card itself very much resembles a standard credit card and also relies on a 16 digit number – a number you’ll need when you use it to deposit cash into your iPhone casino account.

Safety & Convenience

Paysafecard offers tremendous convenience through its safety, privacy and usage. Once you’ve purchased your Paysafecard, you can go to their official website to check your balance or to see where around the world you can buy more cards in case you’re travelling. If you’re going to use it to deposit cash into your iPhone casino account, it’s simply a case of clicking on or tapping your finger on the Bank tab/button as this will take you into the casino banking lobby. Then scroll down until you get to Paysafecard, select it and enter in the amount you’d like to gamble with.  Paysafecard does have a few guidelines that it would be best to adhere to and they are:

Paysafecard also has an app that you can access on your smartphone to check your balance and pretty much all the things you’ve done on their official website.

Budgeting with Paysafecard

Another key reason to opt for Paysafecard has to do with its budgetary applications. With Paysafecard you can take better stock of your financial situation when you’re gambling as you can consolidate or assign everything to it. In other words, if you only use Paysafecard for iPhone casino gaming, with some commitment, when you run out of funds, you will know it’s time to call it a night and not dip into your regular bank account.

Paysafecard Advantages and Disadvantages

Paysafe offers a level of convenience unchallenged by other depositing mechanisms. It’s easy to obtain and easy to use and requires that you part with no private or sensitive information. The downside to using Paysafecard is you can only buy the card in fixed amounts and these amounts also vary from currency to currency. And lastly, it can only be used to deposit and not to withdraw.