Family Guy iPhone Slots

With the exception of the Simpsons and South Park, Family Guy has enjoyed a long and syndicated history and look surprisingly similar to the Simpsons. The show started its introduction in the world of pop culture way back in 1999 and has already accumulated a total of 15 seasons. It’s also worth noting that Family Guy has been nominated on several occasions. TV shows, celebs and film have become big business for iPhone software companies and so when IGT saw the chance to buy the rights for Family Guy, it did so swiftly. But it’s one thing to get the rights for a popular TV show, and quite another thing to make a proper go of it. The good news is that IGT has done a great job of bringing the dysfunctional world of Family Guy into the exciting world of iPhone casino gaming.

Look and Feel

Family Guy iPhone Slots is an ambitious game. It’s modelled on the original animated content to look as authentic as possible and its actions and mimicking of the characters on the how are also brought to prefect light on the reels. The misadventures of the Griffin family are brought to light in comical hilarity with each character having a role to play. In short, if you’ve ever been a fan of the TV show, then you’re going to lap this game up. And even if you’ve never heard of the show, the game’s features of which there are many are sure to appeal.

Basic Game Play

Family Guy iPhone Slots is one of the newer games to have hit the gambling market and as such sports some really cool, new and innovative features. IGT have gone all the way on this one and in doing so have paid homage to the show and would-be players. It’s unlikely you’ll see more bonus features and interactive elements anywhere else than you’ll see in this game. IGT have worked hard to take the essence of the show and merge it with the functionalities of an iPhone slots game. This is why the game sports a total of seven bonus features, epitomised by its 4 mystery features and its 3 bonus games. Comedy will unfold on this game’s 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines so expect farting and all kinds of other forms of low-brow humour.

Bonus Features

IGT has jam-packed Family Guy iPhone Slots with so much oomph, action and winning possibilities that we’re just going to give you a quick run-down to whet your appetite. The rest you can uncover for yourself! As already noted, this iPhone slots game comes with a total of 7 features, which is a lot more than many other slots games have. The World Bonus is activated when 3 applicable symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and once this happens, Stewie the toddler will spin a globe of the world to determine which bonus game you’ll be a party to. You’ll either find yourself in the Chicken Flight, Lois’ Hot Free Spins or the Drunken Clam. Then there’s the Griffin Family Mystery feature, a random add-on which results in 4 possible results provided by Stewie, Peter, Lois or Brian, the boozy family pet.

Where to play Family Guy

If you’re ready to join this family for all its humorous antics, then the best place to do so is at the Genting Casino . The Genting name really needs no introduction; if you’ve resided in the UK then you’ll know that their land-based casinos are all over the show. The Genting brand is now available online which means that you can access a host of games and promotion through your iPhone. The Genting Casino stocks Family Guy and gives all new players up to $1 000 in bonus cash. What more reasons do you need?