Emoji Planet iPhone Slots

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They have managed to squeeze their way into our lives and who would have thought? A few years back emoji’s were not featuring in our lives on a daily basis. Now we cannot send a message to a friend, a family member, a colleague or a loved one without using one or more of these cute little critters to help us better convey ourselves. There’s even a movie about these cute little symbols of communication.

It might interest you to know that the first emoji was created where most things high tech come from, Japan, and this was way back in 1999. The bloke responsible for the first emoji was Shigetaka Kurita and at the time he was working on a mobile internet platform. What started as a drop in the ocean eventually mushroomed into the current trend of emoji’s in which we find ourselves today. Now if you want to say something and really drive home the point or lighten the blow, you do it with an emoji. NetEnt have stepped up to the plate with the intention of showing us all that emoji’s aren’t just here to help us to communicate, but that they’re also here to help us win. And win you can in Emoji Planet iPhone Slots!

Emoji Planet’s Look & Feel

NetEnt have proven themselves more than competent at creating quality iPhone and mobile slot games. In fact, the NetEnt name carries serious weight in terms of credibility, entertainment value, innovation and just sheer visual splendour. Put another way, NetEnt is darn good. With Emoji Planet iPhone Slots the company has not used every symbol, but it has carefully selected a mix of the most commonly used ones to bring its game to your screen.

Along with the emoji symbols, NetEnt has equipped the game with soundtrack so cheesy, it’s actually cool too. Together these elements combine to create the look and feel of a smartphone, which is kind of trippy when you start playing the game because you’re looking at a phone within a phone.

Emoji Planet’s Game Play

Emoji Planet shy’s away from the traditional slot reel structure and instead employs one often found in those fruit mix and match app games. It’s a refreshing way to play especially if you’re looking for something different from your usual slew of mobile slot games. Emoji Planet awards wins when at least 5 symbols connect with or touch each other horizontally or vertically. Once a win is achieved, the winning combo explodes, and new symbols come tumbling down in the spaces where the winning combo was. The maximum symbol combination that you can achieve is 25, and if that happens, you should seriously consider cashing out.

The game doesn’t have any special features and instead employs a metre system based on key symbols that can do all kinds of things like double your wins, provide stacked combination or provide sticky symbols. 

If you’re looking to try out something new and different, then Emoji Planet iPhone Slots should be on the top of your list of games to play.