Play’n GO Software

Play’n GO is a Swedish software provider of casino games spanning mainly iphone/mobile slot games but also your standard card and table games like roulette, poker and blackjack. Information on the actual year in which the company was founded is not available but the general story says that Play’n GO is the result of a group of consulting techies who got together in the late 90s to pool their resources and create gaming content for the then emerging online casino industry. These days the terms online, mobile and iPhone are interchangeable as they all mean one and the same thing – the ability to play games of chance via an internet connection. To date Play’n GO has created 120 unique mobile casino games of incredible diversity.

Innovative Concepts

Play’n GO has explored numerous ideas and concepts over the years and this has resulted in a great catalogue of games spanning all kinds of themes. Innovative concepts are apparent not just in the themes of the game but in the way these very games play out. Play’n GO’s insistence of looking at new ways for players to achieve wins and experience new worlds is very apparent in the type of games they’ve released over the years and its most prominent in their iPhone slot games.

Some of the games they’ve released have showcased some truly cool ideas. Play’n GO realises that the player is changing – millennials have come on to the scene and the ever progressing rate of technology also means that younger players have different tastes in games. The app generation has influenced the company to make some big changes in some of their games so that the end product can mimic certain attributes common to play store games while still maintaining the key elements that made them games of chance in the first place.

Notable Mentions

As already mentioned, Play’n GO has released 120 games to date with that number sure to increase. To speak of each game would present a challenge to say the least. So, with this in mind, we thought we’d go over some of their mobile slot games. The following Play’n GO titles have showcased innovation, some in terms of theme, others in terms of features and others in terms of both: