IGT: A True Legacy of Gaming

IGT is massive. If there is one company that can be viewed more in light of an empire that stretches into every corner of the world, it’s got to be IGT. Walk into any land-based casino and you’re bound to find the IGT logo strewn across a slot machine. IGT has reason to be this big. It was founded back in the 1950s and over the years absorbed other tech brands to eventually become IGT as we know it today. The company makes games for land-based casinos, lottery equipment which in turn gets used in many countries around the world and, in more recent years, realised the potential of the internet, which is why a decent segment of their video slot games can now be enjoyed via an iPhone casino.

IGT: Why It’s a Good Idea

If you’re going to play iPhone casino games, and specifically iPhone slot games, then IGT is a pretty good software provider to be on the lookout for. As one of the world’s oldest gaming and gambling brands, IGT has a rich history and thus a wealth of experience that it injects into all its gaming endeavours. But what separates IGT from the rest? Why should you opt for their games when you could be playing games made by Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech? Well, for one thing they’ve made deals with exciting and unusual intellectual properties from film and television that have seen them create enticing iPhone video slot games about Elvis, the board game of Monopoly (only this time you can win real money!), the original 1984 Ghostbuster movie and Star Trek, to name just some of them. The way in which IGT have made the leap from the ground into the cyberspace is nothing short of impressive, and if you’ve ever played their games on the ground you’ll want to play them in space, cyberspace.

IGT: Why It’s a Good Idea

IGT is just one of those names you cannot miss in the gambling arena. If you’ve ever been on the casino floor or found yourself in one of those smoky rubs in the games room, chances are you’ve come across the IGT name. While they are invested in all forms of gaming, if you’re going the iPhone casino route, then slots are what you’ll be looking out for. The good news is that the net has adopted quite a few IGT titles and they are:

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