New Casino Deposit Methods – Apple Pay

Apple Pay New Casino Deposit MethodsWith mobile casinos becoming more and more popular, there are loads of iOS casino apps that you can download, but one that has recently taken the world by storm is Apple Pay, which is only available on the 888 mobile casino app. Even though Apple Pay was released in 2014 already, it’s only recently that the 888 online casino started using it, and proved that it’s most trustworthy as far as safe casino deposit methods are concerned. But what is Apple Pay, how does it work and how can you make use of it at the 888 iOS casino? Let’s find out a bit more about this mobile payment option

What is Apple Pay?

In essence, Apple Pay is similar to web wallets currently in use in many countries, however Apple Pay can be used on the 888 mobile casino app exclusively by Apple users. It will allow you to make payments in iOS casino apps and will therefore replace other payment options like credit and debit cards, as you will be making deposits via Touch ID, Face ID, passcode or PIN. And when we talk about safe casino deposit methods, Apple Pay probably tops the list as Apple will add it to the Secure Element in your device, which is a certified chip that stores your payment information safely. In addition, Apple has no access to any other card information that you add to Apple Pay. Interestingly enough, research has shown that tap-to-pay cards may not be as safe as they seem, however Apple Pay is surprisingly excellent in when it comes to safe casino deposit methods.

At, Apple Pay is only available on the 888 mobile casino app, and in order to use Apple Pay for depositing at 888 Casino, you simply need to add it as a payment option within your account and tap the Touch ID button to complete the deposit.

About 888 Casino

Now that we’ve answered the question everyone is asking: “What is Apple Pay?”, and you know that it can be used at 888 Casino, it’s time to find out a bit more about this online casino, accessible to players from all over the world.

For starters, 888 has a mobile casino app, which is why iOS casino players can make use of Apple Pay. The casino offers safe casino deposit methods, including Apple Pay and other web wallets, as it uses the latest SSL encryption to ensure your details are safe and secure.

New players at 888 will be treated to a 100% match bonus of up to 200 credits and the casino offers a variety of table games, video pokers, 3D slots and a range of themed online slots.


Even though Apple Pay is still relatively new, it is proving to be great for iOS casino players and is, in our mind, extremely easy to use and safe. But it’s best to find out for yourself – if you’re not playing at 888 Casino yet, register an account and start depositing with Apple Pay via 888’s mobile casino app.