Wynn Sues Ex-Employee for Defamation

David Williams | 04 May 2018

Wynn Sues Ex-Employee for DefamationBeleaguered former casino boss, Steve Wynn is hitting back at sexual-misconduct allegations by suing one of his accusers for defamation of character. Wynn has officially filed a lawsuit against former employee, Jorgen Nielsen for allegedly laying false claims about him in the media.

The founder of the iconic Wynn Resorts franchise has been caught in the middle of a media storm, after a slew of allegations about decades of sexual misconduct surfaced last year. Wynn has persistently denied all of these allegations and is now taking one of his chief accusers to court.

Workers Forced into Sex Acts

Much of the Steve Wynn sex scandal surrounds reports by The Wall Street Journal and ABC News, both of which cited Nielsen as the source of the accusations. The former Artistic Director of the Wynn Las Vegas Salon told these media outlets that Wynn forced a number of his employees to perform sexual acts on him. Nielsen also alleged that Wynn was made to pay a US$7.5 million settlement after one of his victims took him to court.

Wynn, however, maintains that Nielsen lied in his comments to The Wall Street Journal and ABC News and that they constitute defamation of his character.

Ex-Wife to Blame

According to Wynn, his ex-wife, Elaine, is behind the allegedly slanderous campaign that ultimately led to his public disgrace and resignation from the board of Wynn Resorts in February. The scandal also forced Wynn to step down as Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee.

Following Wynn’s resignation from the company he founded in 2002, Elaine’s voting rights (which were rescinded in the couple’s divorce) on the Wynn Resorts board were restored to her. She is now rumoured to be on a mission to overhaul the board of directors, replacing the old guard with the next generation of talent.

Hitting Home

It is not only Steve Wynn who has been struck down by the scandal; several other board members are being sued for allegedly knowing about his misconduct and doing nothing about it. These board members have subsequently resigned.

The entire board is taking heat over the situation in Nevada, Macau and Massachusetts, with the planned Wynn Boston Harbor now renamed the Encore Boston Harbor in an attempt by the company to distance itself from the disgraced mogul.

In suing Jorgen Nielsen for defaming his character, Wynn hopes to clear his name and begin to restore the reputation of the Wynn Resorts brand. The shocking revelations about Steve Wynn came in the midst of the #MeToo campaign that has shocked the world, with similar allegations about other powerful men – including cinema mogul, Harvey Weinstein, and actor, Kevin Spacey, among many others.

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