What will Mobile Gambling look like in the future?

David Williams | 29 Aug 2013

Mobile of the FutureAs iPhones, iPads and other smart devices become increasingly abundant, Mobile Gambling and Mobile Gaming are also growing in popularity; with continuous innovations in the sector and iPhone Casino and iPhone Slot downloads hitting record breaking highs, it’s only natural to start thinking about what the future holds.

1)      Bigger

In the future the Online Casino market will most likely be a LOT bigger, if you believe what the analysts are saying. It was revealed earlier in the year by Juniper Research that Mobile is growing at the fastest rate of any sector in the Gambling market, including Online and Offline Casinos.  They also suggested that the sector will be worth approximately £66 billion by 2017. That’s massive, especially when you think that not all that long ago the idea of handheld internet or video communication devices was only a notion of James Bond films and the like!

For players in the Online Casino community, this will most likely mean incredible choice in Casino Apps and Slot Apps, keeping Bonuses and Promotions competitively high.

2)      Faster

As technology improves, network providers are constantly competing to bring you a service which can do justice to the software available, for example to give you speeds and coverage which allow you to play quality Mobile Games and Slots with ease wherever you are – enter 4G super-fast mobile networks. Although launched in Autumn 2012, 4G was limited at first only to the Network EE; EE has now released data showing the consumer behaviour for the first part of 2013.

This data was released in a document entitled “4GEE Mobile Living Index”, and has some interesting findings to report:

With 4G coverage proving successful in becoming ever more ubiquitous, super-fast mobile internet will become the norm, making it even easier to play your favourite Online Casino Games or Slots from your iPhone or another Smart phone device.

Of course, 3G data services are great for the majority of gamers, and in an area of good 3G coverage it is easy to access top quality Mobile Casinos on your iPhone; however the option of even faster Mobile internet gives more scope for Mobile Casinos to become as innovative as Online Casinos, and means the possibilities are endless for the future of Mobile Gambling.

3)      Better

Something that makes the future of Mobile Casinos so exciting is the fact that the performance curve for iPhone technology is much sharper than for other types of gaming technology.

Historically, in console gaming, it would take about 8 years to see a 10-20 times growth in performance; Apple are achieving far more astounding improvements in performance, up to 9 times in one year alone.

That might sound like a bunch of meaningless numbers, but in real terms it means that by this time next year, the latest iPhone Casino could easily be providing the same content as an Online Casino, if not more, without any compromise on quality.

It’s fascinating to think about what the future holds for Mobile Casinos and Mobile Slots, as for the most part we just don’t know. If you can dream about it it’s probably possible – and then some!

Many Online Casinos are embracing the future – check out the Reviews on the site and pick a Casino to see just how slick and exciting iPhone Casino Apps are today.