What Sort Of Mobile Casino Gambler Are You?

David Williams | 09 May 2014

What kind of gambler are you?

There are lots of different styles of gambling, particularly now that mobile Casinos are so accessible. We’ve been able to identify five different types of mobile gamblers based on the reasons why gamblers play at mobile Casinos and what they enjoy.

5 Different Types of Mobile Casino Gambler

1.       The Opportunist

This is the gambler who just gambles to win and doesn’t care so much about having fun. The opportunist is not, however, an obsessive gambler; he or she simply is there because there is the chance of winning a big prize simply by playing a few games at a mobile Casino.

Opportunist gamblers don’t like wasting their time, so mobile Casinos are great as they give them the chance to do something productive – make money, that is – with any spare time they might have on their hands.

2.       The Social Gambler

You’re the kind of person who loves to go out and have fun and you’re always in contact with your pals wherever you are. You love your mobile phone so much it’s as if it’s glued to the palm of your hand, which is why mobile Casinos are perfect for you.

As a gambler, you tend to be most interested in playing games where you can chat with the other players or even compete against your friends. The social gambler will tend to log in to catch up with friends as much as to play the latest mobile Casino games.

3.       The Cheater

You dastardly deviant, you! The cheater is a gambler who cares exclusively about making a quick buck or two but doesn’t wish to put in much time or money. You’ll happily bend the rules if it means guaranteeing a payout.

In fact, what you probably haven’t realised yet, is that you spend so much time researching how to cheat the system that you might have won more by now if you just decided to play by the rules!

4.       The Addict

It’s a sad tale but, unfortunately, a fact of life that some gamblers develop an addiction to gambling. For some mobile Casino players – and it’s not their fault – the thrills of gambling can be too tempting and there’s virtually nothing in the world that could tear them away from their favourite mobile Casino.

If you do fall into this category then you need to seek help. Gamblers Anonymous is just one of many organisations that provides advice to those suffering with a gambling addiction.

5.       The Pro Gambler

The professional gambler has it all figured out. You know exactly which games to play and have perfected your strategy to virtually guarantee that you will come out on top.

Mobile Casinos have made life easier for the professional gambler as they mean they you can be constantly improving your game and making money wherever you are.

So, having read our list of the types of mobile Casino gamblers, do you reckon you know which type you are?