Top Apps to Get You Through the 2018 World Cup

David Williams | 18 Jun 2018

Best apps for the 2018 WCHosted in Russia, this year’s World Cup will see the best football teams in the world compete against each other, and fans will want to stay on top of the action at all times.

To give you a helping hand we’ve rounded up the best apps for those who are staying at home to watch, and for the fans that have gone all the way to Russia to support their teams in the quest for the Cup!

The Official FIFA App

The obvious place to start is with the official FIFA app. Created to keep fans up to date on all things FIFA, this app will send out real time notifications, videos, and highlights as they happen throughout the World Cup. Available for both iOS and Android you can now carry the latest 2018 World Cup news in your pocket.

This app promises minute-by-minute action updates, as well as stats and player profiles, and you can make your voice heard by voting for the Man of the Match 2018 too. It’s a great option for fans that want the official news- straight from the horse’s mouth.


This app is available across all platforms and gives you access to live streaming of all the World Cup games to your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. With around the clock updates in real-time, fans will be able to catch every game regardless of where they are in the world, or what they are doing. This means you could be playing casino games, and still get all coverage you require!

Apps for Fans In Russia

For those of you that managed to get the time off work, paid for the flights and accommodation and still had enough cash to purchase tickets to the live games, know that every football fan at home is green with envy. However, we will still assist you to get the most out of your experience and the following apps are must haves to get you to your games on time, and faux pas free.

Welcome 2018

Russia is the largest country in the world and Welcome 2018 provides visitors with everything they need to know. From getting around to creating personalize itineraries based on where the matches are being played, the app also has an extensive FAQ section and a handy list of do’s and don’ts to ensure that you don’t step on any Russian toes.

Yandex Taxi

Russia’s very own version of UBER, Yandex Taxi service allows clients to order their taxi and provides the option to pay cash or card. The advertised average waiting time is 5 minutes, though this is definitely going to increase with the influx of visitors, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Yandex runs in all the major cities and the app allows you to track the drivers on a map. They also provide optional extras as per rider specification, such as a bicycle rack for after those games where you’ve had one vodka to many and are seeing two sidewalks instead of one!

Russia-ready apps to help you outHelloTalk

It is always recommended to learn a few niceties in the local language when visiting a foreign country. The HelloTalk app connects you with a native speaker of your choice so that you can learn the basics, but what really makes this app handy is the Moments feature.

The Moments feature connects you with every native speaker in the 10 million strong community, and provides a platform for you to ask questions about culture, travel and recommendations, so as you travel from game to game you can ask residents for information on everything from directions to a stadium, to which local pub sells the best vodka!

Now you’re ready for the WC, let’s see which team ends up winning!