The Ultimate 4D Experience coming to Las Vegas

David Williams | 02 Nov 2017

The Ultimate 4D Experience coming to Las Vegas3D gaming and virtual reality (VR) have both become incredibly popular fixtures at both online and mobile casinos. Offering a far more immersive experience than traditional 2D games, VR and 3D technology is being snatched up by countless iGaming developers as they vie for their share of the market by creating sleek virtual reality slots, live casino games, and more.

However, this sort of technology is not confined to online and mobile casinos alone. Even the land-based casinos of Las Vegas have begun to catch on, and now, MGM Resorts International has become the latest addition to this list.

New VR Theatre To Be Revealed

MGM recently announced that its Vegas-based Excalibur Hotel and Casino would launch the cutting-edge new Ultimate 4D Experience attraction at its coveted Fun Dungeon arcade. This announcement has come after MGM inked a new deal with VR development pioneers SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment to offer the exciting new entertainment technology.

A special effects theatre than can seat up to 72 viewers has been created by Toronto-based Sim-Ex Iwerks especially for the new project, and the Ultimate 4D Experience opened at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip on November the 2nd.

The theatre boasts a trio of shows that will stimulate all of viewer’s senses through exciting titles like the San Andreas 4D Experience, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – 4D Experience, and The Lego Movie 4D Experience to begin with.

Excalibur CFO Shares Thoughts On Attraction’s Launch

Chief Financial Officer for the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Sheri Cherubino, has commented that she is excited to expand her company’s Fun Dungeon arcade experience with the new Ultimate 4D Experience theatre. Cherubino also noted that the new attraction will no doubt be a great fit for the hotel and casino, as it will appeal to ‘both families and adults’ that visit the venue.

At Excalibur, Cherubino added, the staff and management strive to keep their amenities and attractions fun and fresh for their guests at all times, making the Ultimate 4D Experience a perfect choice for a new entertainment addition.

Furthermore, the Chief Financial Officer also revealed that the upcoming Ultimate 4D Experience will be opened for twelve hours a day from 10am daily. Each of its 20-minute 4D programmes are to be shown every hour on the hour, giving every Excalibur visitor the chance to experience the thrill of the new attraction for themselves from the beginning of November onwards.

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