New Texas Ask’Em Poker App To Be Introduced To iPhone Mobile Players

David Williams | 07 Nov 2012

Ask Em PokerA prominent developer of social games from Ireland known as OteetO is launching a new social game for the iPhone and the new app is expected to be available after October 18th. It was prominently featured and received a lot of interest at the Dublin Web Summit which took place the same week. An application for Facebook users was introduced in May of this year to amazing popularity.

OteetO was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response the game garnered among Facebook users. Players of Texas Ask’Em Poker on Facebook have so far answered over a million trivia questions which are a unique part of the game. In addition, they have invited over 750,000 of their friends to join them in this fun poker game with a twist.

How to Play

The way Texas Ask’Em Poker is played, players receive two cards that were dealt to them. Before they can see the hand they are expected to answer a multiple choice trivia question as fast as they can come up with an answer. The person able to answer the question correctly first receives a first place ranking and is the player who will receive the best hand. From then on, the game is played just like Texas Hold’Em and players should ideally have some poker skill when they play the game just like they would need for any other type of poker game.

The co-founder and CEO of OteetO, also the person who created this interesting game, said that they were a bit concerned over the fact that some fans of the game play it so much. He went on to say that some players have gone so far as to answer over 35,000 questions already since the game was introduced in May.

This fun and exciting new app for iPhone will be free to play and even though it is a free game, the people who developed it are still expected to profit from sales of the popular iPhone app. Players love the idea that they can now play one of their all-time favorite Facebook games for free no matter where they are on their iPhone mobile device. This allows flexibility in play and gives players the potential to sharpen their poker skills through the use of this extraordinarily user-friendly iPhone app.

In fact, the game is so popular among Facebook users that over forty percent of them recently rated the game the highest possible rating of five stars. When a game is interesting, challenging and just fun to play it usually does well. This is exactly what is expected in the future for this fun Texas Ask’Em Poker game.

The game is similar to Texas Hold’Em Poker which became popular over time, except that it has the extra challenge and fun twist of trivia questions that were added. Most of Facebook’s poker players today are male. But now with this games fun trivia feature, that might be changing.

Watch the video to learn the Rules