Super Bowl Betting In USA Set to Skyrocket

David Williams | 01 Feb 2019

Super BowlIt should come as no surprise that now that a total of 8 US states have officially legalised betting on sports, the expectation is that 1 out of every 10 Americans will be putting money on this year’s Super Bowl, either at an online or mobile sportsbook, or a land based betting shop.

And really, besides the fact that Americans may now legally bet on sports events, let’s not forget who will this year be gutting it out for the ultimate title in US sports. The New England Patriots are hoping to secure their 6th Super Bowl title since 2002, and they will be going up against the Rams, who will be eager to secure their 2nd.

Tom Brady fever has the nation in its sticky grips, and the big game has become everyone’s playing field. Now that betting has been legalised, every American has the opportunity to be on the field in some small way.

Its A Betting Frenzy

The American Gaming Association has voiced the expectation that in excess of $60 billion will be wagered on the game. Yes, that’s right. At least $60 billion on a single Super Bowl game! Statistically speaking, the New England Patriots are the favourites to win the Championship game, but the Rams will in all likelihood receive more support in terms of the sheer number of bets in their favour, with a total of 52% of all fans expected to bet on them.

Americans have for the most part welcomed their constitutional right to bet on pro-league and major sports events and it should come as no surprise that they are wanting to flex that particular muscle as if discovered for the very first time.

There’s More To The Story

All things considered, it must also be kept in mind that the unlicensed bookie world is alive and kicking. The anticipated numbers includes the illegal world of American bets, as well as bets placed with foreign online bookies.

The remaining states; the ones that have not yet finalised a betting framework for their own regions, would do well to ensure that the process to legalise sports betting is commenced as soon as possible. This will serve to protect US citizens, and make wagering on desktop and mobile all the more enjoyable for all.