Steve Wozniak Praises AR Tech In Gaming

David Williams | 14 Mar 2018

Steve Wozniak Praises AR Tech In GamingAugmented reality (AR) is the next big trend in the gaming world, following on from the massive popularity of virtual reality technology. It has been widely hypothesized that AR actually has more practical applications in the world of casino gaming than VR does, purely because it can add virtual elements to a real gaming environment that would assist players where VR might not.

Now, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has gotten iPhone and iPad casino players talking by hinting at the potential for augmented reality in the gaming industry. The legendary technology entrepreneur was speaking with CEO of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) Robin Reed in Malta last week when he made the statement in question.

Expert Talks AR At GiG Conference

While addressing questions from the audience, Wozniak stated that AR will surely involve some kind of hardware, projection devices, or perhaps even small mirrors that reflect into the eyes. This would allow players to see virtual objects as part of the real world, which would have big implications for the worlds of online and mobile gaming alike.

According to the tech expert, AR would be able to guide players, train them in certain tasks, and even teach them how to play certain games. He also added that such games would be a ‘strong point’ for augmented reality, attracting plenty of attention to the technology as it emerges and develops.

Wozniak admitted to his audience that he is looking to AR, noting that he is not playing VR games at the moment but that he has used headsets at live sporting events or concerts to feel as though he was right there in the action. This, he said, was a ‘really emotional experience’ every time.

Wozniak Dubs Icos ‘Bitcoin Copies’

He also hinted at the cornerstones of developing great games, noting that they all start with an emotional experience – a big boon for AR technology. However, Wozniak seemed significantly less interested in the current ICO trend, which has featured heavily in the iGaming industry over the past 18 months.

The entrepreneur called ICOs ‘Bitcoin copies’, noting that he sold his Bitcoins when he realized that the currency’s constant value fluctuations were forcing him to spend too much time monitoring them.

Wozniak also took many questions from his audience, among which were over 600 GiG staff members, technology students, and press members. GiG was celebrating its five-year birthday at the time with a private internal conference, GiGsters Connect.

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