Skrill Sets up International Money Transfers

David Williams | 03 Oct 2013

Skrill / MoneybookersOne of the best webwallets on the net and a favourite amongst online Casino gamers, Skrill has now launched a new money transfer service, Skrill iT, to send money abroad quickly and at little cost.

Skrill iT, which is available in over 200 countries and 40 currencies, aims to cut the costs of transferring money by half. This could potentially save any travelling mobile Casino users a significant amount of money, even in the short term.

Jonathan Wood, Vice President of Electronic Remittances at Skrill, commented that “money transfer represents a crucial lifeline for millions. Yet until now, the process has been more reminiscent of the previous century, and not the current digital age. Skrill iT significantly cuts the current cost of money transfer.”

This news comes at a time when we are seeing the popularity of mobile Casinos soar, with more players than ever winning the top jackpots from their iPhone. Skrill iT aims to tap into this mobile gaming market, as well as providing a valuable service to the millions of people who live outside of their country of birth.

Skrill is already one of the most popular and trustworthy payment methods for online and mobile Casino users and the new Skrill iT service looks set to be a very useful feature for all frequent travellers.