Sharp drop in Google searches for ‘Casino’ in July

David Williams | 04 Sep 2013

Casino searches drop on GoogleYou may read a lot about the popularity of online gaming and online Casinos – forecast to grow by up to 34% by 2017 – but a sudden drop has been revealed in gaming and Casino-related Google searches in the UK in July this year.

Greenlight, a London-based agency, published these findings in a report which looked at gaming-related Google searches over a period of 12 months. The report found that in June, Casino-related search terms totalled about 1.5 million, however in July there was a staggering drop of over one third, bringing the total down to less than one million.

So what could be the meaning of this sudden diversion from online Casino searches? Ruling out the unlikely explanations that half a million people suddenly had a change in personality, or that the same number chose to use a different search engine (unlikely, I know), we are left with two viable contributions:

Heat Wave

Firstly, the fantastic summer weather enjoyed across the UK this July has provided a wealth of other activities which have been competing for the attention of British gamers. True to British form, the hint of sunshine caused everyone to race outside to the nearest park or beer garden, ultimately spending less time online. However, with evenings getting darker again and summer drawing to a close, forecasters predict that this surprising phenomenon will soon be reversed as Brits glumly march back inside and head back to their computers.

Casino Apps

The second contributing factor to this apparent departure from online gaming could be due to the enduring success of iPhone Casinos and Casino Apps. Rather than asking Google for a Casino, gamers are searching the App Store for a great Casino App.  The fantastic iPhone Apps from Jackpot City, Spin Palace and Betway have been proving immensely popular, with players supremely thrilled by the ease and accessibility of playing from their iPhones, as well as the first-rate gameplay. If you combine this with the sunny July weather, it might be logical to assume that UK gamers have been prised away from their computers and their favourite online Casino, allowing them to explore another exciting way to enjoy Casinos – on their iPhones.

It will be interesting to follow the continued growth of iPhone Casinos, especially in relation to the weather, to see if gamers are genuinely influenced in this way or if the findings of this report are just an anomaly. Keen gamers should take comfort in the knowledge that the top iPhone Casinos, such as those recommended on, can be accessed both from your iPhone and your computer, so you can play your favourite games wherever you are, come rain or come shine!