Game Partnership Between Amaya And Zukido

David Williams | 22 Oct 2012

Amaya and Zukido PartnershipZukido, which consists of strategic consultants, game developers and designers of mobile interactive games has recently formed a partnership with Amaya Gaming to develop new and exciting mobile games. Amaya Interactive already has a good catalog of premium game content. Their partnership with Zukido is expected to be very productive in breakthrough mobile game development.

Two new HTML5 games are expected to be developed right away for punters using tablets and mobile devices for their gaming experiences. This partnership begins with an exciting Millionaires Club 2 game, which will have the largest jackpot to date on any HTML5 game. The new partnership is off to a productive start. Both of the new games will be available to punters at OpenBet first, then later will be introduced into Amaya Gamings AGS interactive services catalog.

The industry of mobile slots is in a period of growth now and the time that it takes to get games to market is the key to any mobile game creators success. Zukido has an outstanding ability to develop and to quickly market new mobile games and they also have a lot of helpful knowledge about the OpenBet casino brand. This partnership is anticipated to be extremely lucrative and successful.

Amaya Gaming enjoys a reputation for their commitment to very high-quality mobile gaming content and they are thrilled to be working closely with premium game developer Zukido on this creative endeavor. Both companies are looking forward to producing exciting new games and to introducing them to the public in the future.

In fact, both Zukido and Amaya Interactive will be attending the EiG conference this October to be held in Barcelona, Spain. EiG is an acronym for European iGaming Congress. This year, they are expecting at least 80 unique vendors at the conference and are also expecting many newly created start-up mobile gaming businesses to attend. This conference gives both established businesses and new start-up ventures the opportunity to mingle with one another and to share new ideas. This exciting opportunity may also have a positive influence on the future of mobile gaming.

At the EiG conference, both established game creators and those just starting in the field will be able to introduce their new products. Amaya Gaming and Zukido will be showcasing demos of their newly created games. The buzz surrounding this newly developed partnership will help to pique interest in the games that have recently been developed by them.

Partnerships like the one between Amaya Interactive and Zukido are expected to be the wave of the future in mobile gaming. These partnerships allow new ideas to be exchanged and offer opportunities for companies to band together to work off of each others strengths in this very competitive business. Innovation and creating mobile casino products for players enjoyment that is easy for them to use is the main goal.