Paddy Power Offers New Ground-Breaking App For iPhone Punters

David Williams | 01 Oct 2012

Paddy Power AppThe betting group that specializes in online and land sports betting, Paddy Power, has developed a new app for iPhone users that is being referred to as ground-breaking. With this new app, users simply point their iPhone to the screen they are using to watch a football or any other match and take a picture. One look at their iPhone screen and they are able to instantly see stats and updates that appear in real-time so they can make their betting decisions based on the most current information.

This is being seen as a huge advancement in the sports betting genre. Sports betting on mobile gaming devices is a projected to hit an all-time high of 45 billion dollars within the next five years. And this technology is a premier tool that sports wagering punters will be able to use to make their wagering choices more wisely based on good, up-to-date information.

This app has been developed by Paddy Power in conjunction with TVTak and is a fantastically creative new technology expected to be very popular with sports betting punters. The app enables the punter’s iPhone to instantly recognize what match they are watching and gives them instant statistics. This technology is referred to as second-screen technology and is now experiencing a boon in popularity.

Users receive current news, stats, useful odds, information and results. In addition, the new app features a unique calendar feature that punters can use so that future matches can be added to their personalized calendar for later reference. This amazing technology is known as image recognition technology and is expected to become a fixture on the iPhone’s of punters who enjoy sports wagering and who wish to do it in a more effective way.

Paddy Power has essentially showcased a stellar new addition to its sales storehouse. By adding this new hi-tech iPhone app, they have provided their customers with a brand new and ultimately fun way to receive the latest odds information from Paddy Power. Punters can then use that information to make their betting decisions.

TVTak, the partner with Paddy Power in creating this new app, is a New York City company that specializes in instant television recognition technology. This technology turns any basic television set into an interactive device. The act of pointing the smart phone, in this case the iPhone, at the television allows viewers to instantly share what they are watching. In the case of Paddy Power punters, the technology is used to receive immediate statistics and useful information.

Making sports-betting wagering more fun and exciting is the goal of Paddy Power. By adding this brand new technologically advanced iPhone app, they are doing that in a big way. This technology is now available to bettors in Ireland and in the UK. Hopes are that it will catch on in popularity and be made available soon to a larger market. When creativity is blended with cutting edge technology, great things happen.