Online and Mobile Gambling More Popular Than Football

David Williams | 23 Oct 2013

Is Online Gambling more popular then Football?The most popular sport in Italy is football; this isn’t surprising as Italians are very good at football, both at club and international level. However, new data now reveals that Italians spend more money on online and mobile gambling than they do on football.

As well as picking gambling over football, Italians also choose to spend their money on mobile and online Casinos over going to the cinema or the theatre. The catalyst for this increase in popularity of online gambling is, it would seem, the improvement of mobile phone technology and, as a result, mobile Casinos.

In 2012 Italians spent £749 million at online Sportsbooks and playing online and mobile Casino games; that’s about £100 million more than they spent going to the cinema and three times as much as going to watch football games.

One of the key reasons for this huge spend, a significant increase on 2011, is due to the range of games and improvement in quality at both online and mobile Casinos. The news comes despite intervention from the Italian government who tried to ban online gambling, although the legislation was deemed to be illegal by the EU.

The data comes from research by social scientists at Milan Polytechnic who were observing online gaming patterns. The findings add to previous studies which have shown an increase in the use of mobile phones to access online Casino games and Sports Betting sites. Games developers are taking heed of the new statistics and focussing more attention on the Italian market.

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