Revenue Earned From Online Gambling Projected To Steadily Increase

David Williams | 14 Feb 2013

Gaming RevenueTotal revenue earned from online gambling today stands at close to 25 billion dollars. A large majority of that online gambling revenue comes from the United States. Other places like the UK, Canada, Asia and others make up the rest of the total revenue amount. In fact, Britain has one of the best established and longest running gambling markets in existence today. As a society, they lean towards a liberal stance when it comes to gambling, which has led to increases in UK players.

Of that $25 billion dollar figure, revenue from the United States earned from online gambling in 2012 was estimated at $17 to $19 billion. UK online gambling is said to compose over two billion dollars of all online gambling earnings. The rest of the 25 billion earnings comes from Canada and from Asia and from other places that are just beginning to get into the lucrative and popular industry of online gambling. Asia is currently experiencing one of the biggest increases in the prevalence of online gambling.

It was recently noted that in Asia, especially in the areas of Malaysia and China, over 40 percent of people there today use the Internet to gamble. In sharp contrast to this figure, only about 15 percent of Asians use the Internet to shop for things. These interesting numbers are only expected to increase in the future.

While it is impossible for anyone to know what the future holds, most analysts feel safe in predicting increases in the amount of online gambling that will take place in future years. As a result, online gambling revenue will also increase. These types of predictions can be affected by things like economic downturns and tightened legislation. However, by using today’s information, the rate of online gambling is expected to rise. With today’s online gambling revenue standing at about 25 billion, it is estimated that by the year 2015, that figure has the potential to rise up to 32 billion or more.

Online gambling is said to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In the United States, it has been reported that revenue from online gambling surpasses that seen from other high earning entertainment avenues like music, video gaming and the movie industry. The amount of money that people from the United States spend on gambling annually is estimated to be about $54 billion, divided between traditional gambling venues in places like Las Vegas and New Jersey and the still somewhat new world of online gambling.

Of all the revenue earned from online gambling in 2012, another prominent figure comes into play in the statistics. This is the trend towards using mobile devices to gamble online. It is estimated that of the total online gambling revenue, about 37 percent comes from gamblers using things like the iPhone, Android and various tablet devices. As use of mobile devices continues to rise, these numbers will most likely continue to rise as well.