New Players Only Minority of Mobile Gambling Revenue

David Williams | 28 Dec 2015

Small Percentage of Revenue from New PlayersA recent survey carried out by researchers at the Media and Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN) has revealed that the rise in mobile gambling revenues is only in part due to new players. Rather, the research showed that approximately 70% of mobile gambling revenue is generated by players who have migrated from PC/desktop devices.

Mobile Growth

Mobile gambling has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years and is one of the main factors for the continued success of the gambling industry. However, it has been hard up to this point to take an in-depth analysis of the where the growth is occurring as mobile gambling operators have been hesitant in providing information on the subject.

The data in the new research shows that over two thirds of all revenue that is generated from mobile gambling comes from players who were already gambling online before discovering a mobile platform.

MECN conducted its research by surveying experts in the mobile gambling industry who have first-hand experience working for the biggest operators.


The findings from the MECN study were somewhat split. The majority of mobile gambling experts revealed that high mobile gambling revenue actually comes from original PC users. This means that there isn’t a new generation of gamblers boosting the revenue, but rather a change in choice of platform as smartphones and tablets replace desktop gaming.

Another answer given by many of the mobile gambling experts was that the increase in mobile gambling revenue can be partly explained by the fact that users spend more time playing. Mobile phones make it easier to gamble whenever you like, at home or on the go.