Heads Up! New iPhone Games Are Poppin’ Up Everywhere

David Williams | 28 Aug 2012

Iphone GamesHeads-Up! New iPhone games are popping up everywhere, some bringing the casino right to the palm of your hand with others catering to non-casino fans. Virgin Mobile has just announced the launch of Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds Mobile. In addition to the convenience of one account for bingo and casino games, new developments relative to the enhancement of Virgin Mobile Casino’s new software partnership with IGT Remote Game Server will enable Virgin to offer Elvis, Cats, and several other games before the end of 2012. Games including blackjack and roulette are currently available for free download to iPhone users at http://m.virgingames.com.

Cleopatra’s Pyramid is already receiving rave reviews. This solitaire-style game has two free levels with the option to purchase 210 additional levels for 99¢ to $1.99 each. The object of Cleopatra’s Pyramid is to get all the cards off the table in the least amount of moves while keeping one eye on the time-limit clock. For iPhone users, there are already many websites offering tips, tricks, and strategies to beat the time-limit clock. Players who succeed in garnering enough scarabs will be able to access additional levels free of charge.

Rumor has it that when Da Vinci Diamonds goes mobile, it will still have 20 pay-lines with a maximum of 300 free spins per game. Another exciting piece of news in the rumor-mill tunnel regarding iPhone is that Apple plans to offer the security of fingerprint technology in 2013 via its purchase of AuthenTec.

Owners of iPhones who for one reason or another are not ready for casino games have a reason to be excited. It appears that either iPhone has invaded major league baseball or MLB has invaded iPhone stemming from the release of Buster Bash. Players follow the road to success traveled by San Francisco Giant’s team member, Buster Posey. In this game, by Ground Up Logic, players are invited to step up to the plate and hit the ball to win sunflower seeds which can be used to buy equipment or power-up. For players who in real life can’t hit a beach ball with a kiddie tee-ball bat, this game could definitely be an interesting challenge.

For parents of a child needing help with a science project, iPhone provides the perfect solution through its Franklin Frog game. Colorful graphics, appealing music, and guidance by a child-like voice enable children to learn the life-cycle of a frog.