Mobile Gambling’s Renaissance

David Williams | 23 Aug 2013

Gambling Renaissance on MobileMobile gambling has been around in different shapes and forms since 2005, but the last 12 months have seen it undergo something of a renaissance. The recent growth spurt in mobile gambling can be attributed to the ever-rising popularity of smart phones like the iPhone and tablets like the iPad, not to mention Apple’s U-turn on allowing real money gambling Apps to be distributed through the iTunes AppStore.

With mobile gambling comes freedom from the often bewildering jumble of rules and procedures commonly associated with gaming at a live casino or bookmakers. Mobile gambling accounts take mere minutes to set up and offer instant transactions, making it easier than ever to place a bet on anything from standard casino games and sports, to celebrity baby names and Eurovision winners.

It’s no accident that gambling now accounts for a third of mobile application activity and is set to rise even further; a combination of convenience, simple technology, user-friendly interfaces, attractive graphics and instant odds make mobile gambling a fool-proof option for even the most casual gambler.

Mobile gambling offers an anonymous, safe and social environment for gamblers who want to play at their own leisure, whenever and wherever it suits them. With a smart phone or a tablet working as your own portable casino, there’s no waiting in queues for casino chips or standing around in bookies waiting for your horse to come in.

Other attractions of mobile gambling include features like in-play betting, live odds and being able to cash in any winnings while a game is still being played, as well as bonuses and rewards like free spins and free chips. Not only does mobile gambling allow a player to be in multiple places at once and to make split-second decisions at the touch of a button, but the aforementioned features provide really appealing incentives to play.

Ultimately, mobile gambling is the safest way to put a bet on; all deposits and withdrawals are made electronically, meaning there’s no cash involved and all winnings are deposited straight into your bank. There are no betting slip slip-ups or loose casino chips going missing, and no one can physically take your winnings away. Even computer viruses targeted to attack mobile casinos are practically non-existent, so the prospect of anyone other than you accessing your account is highly unlikely.