Mobile Gambling Overtakes Desktop Gambling

David Williams | 16 Oct 2013

Gambling on Mobile vs Desktop Recent studies have revealed that online gambling has significantly migrated from traditional desktop and laptop devices to mobile gambling platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Although this has been a noticeable trend for quite some period of time now, it appears that mobile has finally overtaken desktop to become the online gambling platform of choice.

Technological advancements in mobile gaming have allowed gambling on the move to become ever more prevalent as it becomes an increasingly easily accessible option. According to Kantar Sport GB Syndicated Online Gambling Research 51% of all online gamblers are now accessing online Casinos and Poker via mobile devices.

This time last year, however, desktop and laptop computers dominated the market, taking up 67% of online gamblers’ time; by the second quarter of 2013 this group has shrunk to just 49% of all online gamblers.

The number of punters who use solely their smartphones and never access a Casino via a desktop or laptop device has increased by 8% to 15% of all online gamblers. All evidence suggests that this is a trend that will persist into the future as mobile technology becomes increasingly advanced.

Kantar also discovered that tablets such as iPads are becoming increasingly prominent in the online gambling market, with 23% of online gamblers using a tablet to place a bet or access an online Casino.

The percentage of gamblers who use all three devices – PC, Tablet and Smartphone – has doubled in size from 5% to 10% since last year.

The demographic of mobile gamblers more closely reflects that of PC users, compared with last year. The online gambling profile can now be viewed as:

PC – 78% Male, 47% aged 18-34
Mobile – 87% Male, 62% aged 18-34

It is likely that as this trend continues we will see even more online Casino players access their favourite Casinos exclusively via their mobile phones. For a top iPhone Casino and a fab Welcome Bonus of $1,600 head to Jackpot City today.