Mobile Gambling Recently Approved In Atlantic City New Jersey

David Williams | 30 Oct 2012

New Jersey LawsRegulations were recently approved allowing punters in Atlantic City New Jersey casinos to gamble using their iPads, iPhones, smart phones and other wireless devices. They will now be allowed to use these hand-held devices to gamble as long as they are inside the casino. This includes when they are in restaurants, in the hotel and when they are out by the pool. They cannot use these devices for gambling in parking lots or parking garages.

The time frame for live mobile gaming to take effect is not completely worked out yet. Casinos will need to receive final approval before they can take advantage of this option. So far, no casinos have submitted a formal request. The regulation is still very new, however.

The convenience punters enjoy from having mobile gaming in their pockets is seen as a huge benefit. While they are by the pool relaxing or relaxing after a meal, they will now have options for playing their favorite games wherever they are. The hope is that this will one day lead to the availability of Internet gambling in Atlantic City.

The new generation of gamblers is very tech smart and loves to have new opportunities to do things from their wireless mobile device. Nevada already has this legalization in effect and now New Jersey has joined them in offering this option to casino patrons. It is hoped that eventually sports bettors will be able to use this method to place bets, but that also would need the approval of courts and the New Jersey legislature to one day become a viable option.

The way this is set up now, patrons would have to register to take part in mobile gambling. They would have to show an ID to prove that they are over 21 and that they are eligible to gamble. They would also need to have an account set up before they begin using their smart phone or other device to gamble. This would prevent underage gambling and would also keep those who are on lists of prohibited gamblers from taking part. Putting these restrictions in place is an important part of the responsibility of allowing mobile gaming inside of casinos.

Punters would have special pass-codes to use to take part in this new service and with this system in place the casino would have the technological ability to lock a person out from gambling when they’re not on casino property. This is done to prevent potential abuse of the new system. This is seen as a huge technological boost to the casinos of Atlantic City.

The hope is that mobile gambling will be very attractive to casino patrons and that it will give Atlantic City casinos an edge over competing casinos in nearby states. The casinos of Atlantic City have seen a downturn in revenue in recent years and it is hoped that this new opportunity will help to turn that trend around for Atlantic City casinos.