Mobile Gambling to Make Up Nearly Half of All Interactive Wins By 2018

David Williams | 27 Nov 2013

Mobile Gambling Making Up Half of WinsA new report by H2 Gambling Capital has suggested that, by the end of 2018, mobile gambling (betting, gaming and lottery) is set to generate over £16 billion gross win, accounting for around 44% of all interactive gambling (mobile plus online) gross win. The estimates extend to suggest that of all global gambling wins in 2018, over 5% will have been won on mobile devices.

The 2018 mobile gambling value of £16 billion is over four times the 2012 value of £3.75 billion, which made up just 18% of the total interactive gross in that year.

As various markets begin to regulate online and mobile gambling, with the US surely soon to follow suit and regulate mobile Casinos, the trend will rapidly pick up pace throughout 2015 and 2016. The increase in mobile wins has been driven by astronomical advances in smartphone and tablet technology, allowing for faster, higher quality gaming with endless possibilities.

Currently, Sports betting accounts for over 75% of mobile gambling gross win but, as mobile Casino gaming and mobile lotteries develop, they’ll begin to creep back some of this market share. Casino gaming in particular has taken longer to transition to mobile from online as it requires more advanced technology with more complex graphical enhancements.

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