iPhone gambling Apps

David Williams | 10 Jul 2013

Gambling Apps for iPhoneGambling App developers are out to give Las Vegas a run for its money by luring its most technologically savvy gamblers away from casinos and to their phone screens. A report from Bloobmberg recently detailed how mobile gambling Apps, which turn iPhones into handheld Slot machines and let users place bets with real cash, are on the up and up and are currently fighting it out amongst themselves to see who can drive the highest volume of mobile wagers. According to Bloomberg, Juniper Research estimates that by 2017 smartphone and tablet users will have placed upwards of $100 billion in bets.

It goes without saying that Apple (AAPL) isn’t all too thrilled with the increased gambling presence on its Apps Store, going so far as to refuse any revenue generated by the offending Apps. For the time being however, Apple says it will tolerate gambling Apps as long as they abide by local laws and regulations.

When asked his view on the matter, Paul Thelen, CEO of mobile casino app developer B said “Apple wants to keep arms’ length from this.”