iPhone 8’s Perks for Mobile Gaming

David Williams | 09 Oct 2017

iPhone8 Perks for Mobile GamersWith the Apple iPhone 8 having been unveiled in September, many Apple fans are curious as to what the brand’s latest smartphone can offer them. Some iPhone owners have already lamented the phone’s price tag, and at over $1,000, not everyone will be able to afford an upgrade just yet. However, the new model could have some perks when it comes to casino gaming in particular thanks to its cutting-edge new features and stunning displays.

With a bigger screen and numerous new features, the iPhone 8 comes with two different screen sizes: 4.7 inches for the iPhone 8, and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 8 Plus. The phones’ larger housing means better battery life, which is definitely a plus when it comes to playing on the move.

Another new feature added by Apple is a sleek glass back case, which allows for wireless charging. This is another big tick in the new iPhone’s favour, as there is nothing more vexing to casino players than having their gaming sessions interrupted by the beep of a low battery! The new iPhone 8 could nix this issue for good, allowing players to charge their devices on the go using numerous gadgets with built-in charging pads.

Wider Screen, Better Colours, And Louder Speakers

The iPhone 8’s LCD display boasts a wider colour spectrum, a crisper and detailed display than its predecessors, and True Tone technology, which users light sensors to soften the screen’s white balance. Again, this could be highly useful to those who love a high definition gaming experience, as the phone’s intelligent screen will help to bring games’ colours to life and provide a perfectly-lit gambling session at any time of the day.

The iPhone 8’s speakers are also 25% louder than those of the iPhone 7, helping to bring casino game sound effects to a whole new level. Furthermore, storage starting at 64GB means it will be possible for players to download [[[http://www.iphonecasino.com/casino-app-stores/cherry-rush/]]] without having to worry about a lack of on-board space.

To Upgrade, Or Not To Upgrade?

The latest iPhone even boasts iOS 11 and a new version of the App Store, which is ideal for those who download their iPhone casino apps from Apple’s in-house platform. Augmented reality apps may even soon be available for this smartphone model – and with AR casino games already in the pipeline, it may not be long before players can enjoy a completely new gaming experience.

But is this all enough to convince iPhone players to upgrade? Apple’s newest smartphone carries a hefty price tag, and unfortunately this could drive some players to opt for more affordable Android devices that offer better screens and cameras for similar prices.

However, the iPhone 8 definitely comes recommended for die-hard Apple fans, as well as those who find playing casino games on their iPhones simply unbeatable.

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