How to Play Blackjack on your Iphone

David Williams | 04 Jul 2013

How to Play BlackjackDo you want to play Blackjack on your iphone but you are afraid of not knowing what you are doing?

Well, the same rules apply whether you are playing Blackjack on your iphone or a real casino and, if you know what are the winning hands and which moves are best for each situation, you will increase significantly your odds of getting great prices at this amazing game!

How to Play Blackjack on Your iPhone

Your iPhone is the perfect mobile platform on which to play casino games. In this guide to playing Blackjack we’ll tell you everything you need to know about enjoying this card comparing game in the palm of your hand.

Download and Instant Play Games

There are two ways to access iPhone Blackjack, either via an app, or by playing in browser.

An app will take a few minutes to download and install, but once complete you’ll be able to access it with a tap of the icon on your phone’s home screen. Alternatively, you can access instant play Blackjack games in your iPhone’s Internet browser, and there’s no download required. You do however need to have a reliable Internet connection.

User-Friendly iPhone Blackjack

If you play Blackjack on your iPhone you’ll fast discover how user-friendly the games are. Top software developers have created intuitive games that integrate with the iPhone’s touch screen, allowing you to place your bets and deal cards with ease.

Free and real money games are readily on offer and the free games give you the chance to refine your skills and polish your strategies, with no risk.

iPhone Blackjack Basics

Playing Blackjack online is enjoyed much the same as in a brick and mortar casino, except it’s just you against the dealer. In Blackjack the objective is to build a hand that scores higher than the dealers, but doesn’t exceed 21.

Card scoring in Blackjack is simple, with Ace equal to 1 or 11, cards 2-10 scoring their face values and J, Q and K all scoring 10.

To begin, you’ll place your bets and be dealt 2 cards face up, whilst the dealer will receive 1 card face up, 1 face down. If your cards equal 21 you’ll have Blackjack and be the winner, unless the dealer has the same, in which case you’ll tie or ‘push’ and your bet will carry over to the next hand. If your hand does not equal 21 you can choose to Hit and take another card, or Stand and end your turn. The dealer must continue to Hit until his hand equals 17 or more, and then hands will be compared. Whoever has a hand closest to 21 and hasn’t gone Bust is the winner.

Now you know how to play Blackjack on your iPhone, simply select a casino and get started!