Gladiator Slots Player Wins £630,260

David Williams | 17 Jul 2014

Gladiator Slots WinnerFancy getting your hands on an epic Slot Jackpot? Why not try out Gladiator Slots to see if you could win as much as one lucky player did this week?

The extremely fortunate player in question managed to walk away with over £600,000 in winnings after hitting the winning combo and smashing the Progressive Jackpot on Gladiator Slots.

This Playtech Slot is a 5 Reel, 25 Payline game and has fast become one of the most popular mobile Slots around, gaining more and more fans every week. It’s no surprise really if you think how successful the movie its based on was at the box office!

Although the fantastic theme of this Slot might be one of its draws, the main reason that players enjoy Gladiator Slots is down to its incredible Progressive Jackpot. This week our featured player won an amazing £630,260, but would you believe that that’s the smallest ever Jackpot to be given out by Gladiator Slots? It’s pretty awesome, right?

Since launching, the Gladiator Progressive Jackpot Slot has recorded a total of 5 Jackpot wins. Obviously players win smaller prizes every single day, but we’re referring to the progressive pot that builds up over time as more players enjoy the game.

The average Jackpot win on Gladiator Slots is a staggering £1,571,465, whilst the largest amount ever to be won is a rather unbelievable £3,217,894. We can’t even imagine winning that kind of cash, but it has happened to one lucky player and it could happen to you!

Since the most recent win which occurred on 9th July 2014, the prize pool has obviously dropped in size again, but it’s starting to build and currently stands at £131,967.

Do me a favour: Give Gladiator Slots a few spins and answer a simple question. Are you not entertained?