Gamers in Britain are big on betting

David Williams | 05 Jun 2013

UK big on BettingThe UK adult population is divided into two categories: adults who do not gamble in any way, shape or form and those who gamble in every way, shape and form possible. Of the 74 percent of adults who consider themselves to be gamblers, 81 percent admit to participating on some level on a weekly or, in some cases, on a daily basis.

In a recent behavioural study, 80 percent of adults who purchase lottery tickets do not deem this to be gambling. Of this 80 percent, 73 percent are men and 71 percent are women. In a case survey of 2,000 adult social networking fanatics, 38 percent stated they would play for money online if it was legal. Breaking these statistics down from another angle, more guys play one-on-one social games than girls. The 25 to 40 age group for social network players breaks down into 42 percent guys to 41 percent girls.

Men are more likely to play against the House even though 56 percent admitted that this is their least enjoyable form of gaming. Most women considered the House as just another entry on their friends contact list. According to the research, in the 18 to 24 age group, 62 percent of women only play games with known social contacts as opposed to 42 percent of men. According to a researcher, these survey clues mean a great deal to game developers relative to gamer targeting and game creation.