Keep Calm and Pretend to be James Bond

David Williams | 06 Dec 2013

Casino RoyaleRe-watching Casino Royale online last night I realised that there’s some great lessons to be learned from the movie. No, I’m not talking about learning to freerun or how to look awesome in a pair of tiny trunks; Casino Royale features some first-rate Poker playing from Mr Bond and online Casino players would do well to emulate his behaviour when playing online or on their mobile.

The main thing you’ll want to take from Casino Royale is the attitude of James Bond and some of the other players when they’re sat around the Poker table. Keeping your cool no matter what hand you are dealt is important when it comes to fooling your opponents. If you’re playing at an iPhone Casino or online then staying as cool as a cucumber is the key to ensuring perfect strategy.

Bond is obviously the pro when it comes to staying calm, which if you think about it is actually surprising considering he spends most of Casino Royale running around in an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy, beating up bad guys and foiling their plans.

But not to worry, if James Bond isn’t your thing then you can leave Casino Royale on the shelf and pick another great Casino film for inspiration. The following films all involve a lot of Casino action so, next time you’re playing at an online or mobile Casino, try to pretend that you’re the calm and collected pro that you’ve seen so many times on the silver screen.

Top 5 Casino films:

1. Casino Royale

2. Pulp Fiction

3. Ocean’s Eleven

4. Rounders

5. The Cincinnati Kid