Online and Mobile Gaming Dilemma in Australia

David Williams | 24 Aug 2012

Casinos in Australia An interesting question arose during a recent survey regarding online computer gaming. It appears that mobile phones are being used more often than PCs in homes, libraries, and cybercafés. Leading game software producers are seriously pondering the validity of continuing in this venue as opposed to altering design techniques necessitated by technical differences between computers and mobile phones.

An Australian poll produced some very interesting results. When asked about mobile phones versus computer usage, for adults below 35 years of age, 57 percent preferred playing games in an easy chair or a bed, 63 percent as a vehicle passenger, 55 percent while awaiting service in restaurants or appointment-waiting areas,41 percent while supposedly watching televised newscasts or talk shows, and a whopping six percent at the office during conference calls or when placed in on-hold mode.

During a 2009 conversation over pints in an Aussie pub, three Australian men ages 29, 30, and 32 accidentally stumbled onto an interesting idea that has become very lucrative. The idea involved the possibility of incorporating advertisements into online games. Their business, Pinion, is now headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA , where two work in production while the third remains in Australia managing advertisement aspects. Pinion’s idea gained the attention of Valve Gaming Company. Using Valve-designed software which included capability for insertion of advertisements into online games, the Aussies quickly learned how to select popular pokie games for this purpose. Today, around the world, online gamers are exposed to advertisements for attractions, events, and transportation information relative to visiting Australia. In the near future, the company plans to unveil Pinion Game Servers. This server system will allow Australian businesses to host games supported by advertisements relative to their products and services.

In an effort to lure people way from mobile device usage and back to traditional online gaming access, plans to unveil HTML5 user-friendly access to All Slots and other online poker machines. Internet SEO entities indicate that this website continues to be an outstanding resource concerning up-to-date news and gaming information for Australian casino aficionados.

To lure people away from gaming via mobile devices and PC usage and back to visiting physical gaming locations, SkyCity has begun running bus routes between Tauranga and Hamilton. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the company caters to senior citizens by offering a free ride on a 48-passenger bus and free dining at Vue Bar.