Are Mobile Casinos Killing Desktop Gambling?

David Williams | 27 Feb 2014

Are Mobile Casinos hurting Desktop?The mobile Casino revolution has begun and figures show that mobile gambling has increased exponentially in the face of all legal and economic difficulties. The ubiquity of iPhones and iPads, as well as the improvement in mobile technology, have meant that Casino gaming is now an activity that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. A recent report from Juniper Research is now suggesting that as mobile Casinos enjoy their success, the online Casino market is beginning to lose its lustre.

The research details the rise of mobile Casino gaming and mobile gambling in general, and predicts its sustained position at the vanguard of new gaming. As mobile and tablet Casinos games become more exciting at authentic, players will have less of a desire to sit down and play at their computer. But does this mean an end to the online Casino altogether?

The Facts

The Juniper Research data tells that, over the course of 2013, a huge 63 million players accessed a mobile Casino game, placed a bet or bought a lottery using their iPhone or other smartphone. Juniper predicts that this number will nearly triple over the next five years, reaching 164 million by the end of 2018.

These predictions take into account previous mobile trends. For example, in 2002 there were approximately 1 billion mobile phone users globally; by the end of last year there were approximately 6.8 million worldwide. Of all mobile users, only 1% used their device to access a mobile Casino or to partake in any form of mobile gambling.

For many digital Casinos that provide both online and mobile Casino, it is the mobile section of the business that is now bringing in the majority of their revenue. Paddy Power, for example, made 51% of its total revenue last year from mobile Casino users and mobile sports bettors, up 29% on the previous year.


One of the driving forces behind online gambling was convenience; it was always easier to sit at your own computer to play online Casino games than to visit an actual Casino. Mobile Casinos take this one step further by offering even greater convenience through the ability to carry your Casino around in your pocket. Nowadays, the Casino is wherever you want it to be.

The Juniper report reads:

“The most convincing and inherent advantage of the mobile platform is in the fact that it allows access anywhere and anytime. As mobiles are largely with their users 24/7, it means that, connectivity permitting, those users are theoretically always able to buy a lottery ticket, place a bet or play a remote game of Poker, or partake of in-game/in-play betting.”

Tablet Casinos

Another very significant factor in the rise in mobile gaming is the improvements in tablets. Tablet devices such as iPads are now one of the best ways to access mobile Casino games, as the large screen means that no aspect of the game is lost in translation from desktop to mobile, whilst still offering the flexibility and excitement of mobile Casino gaming.

Online Gambling Lives On

Despite the meteoric success of mobile Casinos, it seems that it will be a while yet before online gambling becomes completely obsolete; however, it is likely that it won’t be long before mobile Casinos are dominating the industry.

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