Apple Decides To Allow Gaming For Money On The iPhone

David Williams | 11 Sep 2012

Apple accepts gamblingIn a recent move, Apple decided to allow apps to be downloaded that will enable iPhone users to make real money wagers. This will enable them to wager in casinos right from their iPhone. A new United States gambling law is in the works to allow online gambling. This is expected to be a very important development in online gambling, especially in mobile gambling from devices like the iPhone. The first company stepping up to offer opportunities for this real money gaming is Big Fish Gaming.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones on the market today. This development is projected to be a huge boon to online and mobile gaming businesses. The graphics on devices like iPhone are excellent and have been compared to those seen on original PC computers. The fact that Apple has changed its policy to allow real money gaming is great news for those that love to use iPhones. Until recently, Apple only allowed gaming if it was totally free and simply for entertainment purposes.

Seattle-based Big Fish Games is working to develop the technology necessary to bring their casino, Big Fish Casino, to the iPhone. A current partner with Big Fish, Betable Ltd., is based in London and will work to bring the same applications to smart phone users in the UK that wish to gamble this way. Many companies are working on the technology to bring this to reality, and they are excited that they may soon be introducing it to iPhone users worldwide.

A top CEO from Betable, Christopher Griffin, said that he believes this will be the largest and most lucrative opportunity that developers of games have had since the Internet was first introduced. There are already estimates being made that the increases in mobile device betting could increase by as much as $80 billion by the year 2017.

Another gaming company looking forward to bringing gaming opportunities to iPhone users is Zynga. They are most famous for games like MafiaWars, Word With Friends and the highly popular and successful Farmville. They are hoping to begin running mobile casinos with real money wagering capabilities by 2013. Apps that would allow players to play on the iPhone are expected to be for sale through iTunes. Enthusiasts that love the convenience offered by iPhones will enjoy having this new ability.