All About the iPhone X

David Williams | 22 Nov 2017

All About the iPhone XLaunched in time to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the original, game-changing iPhone, the iPhone X promised a whole new world to iPhone users. The hype has been going on for months, with several design leaks and serious pre-orders that sold out within minutes of becoming available. Limited amounts were made available in retail outlets in early November, and thousands queued overnight or even longer to get their hands on the coveted devices.

There have already been several reports on how the iPhone X has bucked the downward trend in demand for the latest, greatest smartphone, and the model has boosted Apple’s overall sales by a very impressive 15%. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, describes the new handset as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”, and we have to say we agree.

Innovative New Features

The iPhone X incorporates the same new ground breaking features that were seen on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, also released this year, but it takes things a lot further too. The ARKit and the A11 Bionic chip work together in all 3 models to produce exceptionally high tech Augmented Reality experiences. They all use iOS 11 and allow for wireless charging, the first iPhone models to do so, and to add to this there is not that much difference in their powerful cameras either.

The iPhone X, however, has the best visual display of any smartphone, as confirmed by DisplayMate’s latest study. As the first Apple product with an Organic Light-Emitting Diode, or OLED, display, the visuals that it produces have set a new level of excellence. The edge-to-edge Super Retina screen is also new, and also creates larger and sharper vistas for you. The most controversial new feature of the iPhone X is, without a doubt, the notch on the screen.

The iPhone X notch allows for another serious iPhone first: Face ID, which replaces touch ID as the default way to unlock your iPhone and is supposed to be even more secure. The feature relies on the A11 Bionic chip, as well as a camera array that is mounted within the notch. The decision to leave the notch in such plain view, rather than disguising it with black bevels, has been heavily criticised by some who say that it is an unnecessary intrusion.

Apple, however, remains very committed to developing apps for the iPhone X’s full screen, and has stipulated that apps are not to be designed to mask or call attention to the notch. For people who use their smartphones in portrait mode the notch does become less noticeable, but it may remain a problem for gamers who usually play in landscape mode. It is hoped that the design team will develop a way to embed the sensors beneath the display, but until then the high quality of the phone should prompt many people to simply live with the notch.

iPhone X Benefits for Gamers

The incredible resolution that the iPhone X produces, and its Augmented Reality capabilities, are sure to create mobile gaming and casino experiences that are more immersive than ever. These features alone should encourage most mobile gamblers to tolerate the notch on the screen display.

In addition, the A11 Bionic chip and 6-core processor will display the 3D games that are becoming more common in mobile casinos beautifully, and the edge-to-edge Super Retina screen will make for smoother, clearer live casino experiences. Developers now have more to work with too, and will continue pushing the boundaries to create more authentic and engaging video and casino games. All things considered, it looks like the future of the iPhone X looks as bright as its OLED display, and that anyone who enjoys gaming on the go is going to benefit!


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