Uncover the Action of Online Specialty Games

Speciality Casino GamesIf there is one iPhone casino games category you shouldn’t gloss over, it is that of online Specialty Games! Let us help you discover the unique opportunities for action, entertainment, and massive payouts they offer players!

Many players are left mystified by the mere mention of Specialty Games online; so mystified, that they give the category a skip, and head straight on to more familiar territory. It may take a little time and practice to learn to play some of the games often included under the heading, but they are well worth it.

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What Are Specialty Games?

To put it bluntly, real money casino Specialty Games are usually all the games that the casino powers that be have no idea where else to put. This basically means you can find all sorts of interesting, weird, and wonderful games to play in the category at the casinos we review.

Some are dice games, others are lottery-style games, and others based on Scratch Cards or you can even find skills-based games that require a large amount of player interaction. Play them at our recommended casinos.

We only promote online casinos that are powered by the top software providers, offer secure banking and readily available support services, and offer a great range of hefty bonuses.

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Common Specialty Games Online

While most reputable iPhone casinos include only the more obscure games among their Specialty Games, there are some casinos that stretch the category a little further. They include some of the world’s most popular games, such as Roulette and Sic Bo, under the heading, so it could be worth keeping that in mind.

Among the real money casino Specialty Games you can commonly find at the sites we recommend are Bingo games, Scratch Cards, Keno, and Parlour Games.

Bingo Online Specialty Games

Bingo is one of the world’s most widely played Specialty Games. It is often available in 75-ball and 90-ball formats for you to play on your iPhone or iPad.

Both versions feature tickets on which a few numbers have been printed. Numbers are called, and you need to try to complete the pattern on the tickets to win prizes and pots.

Scratch Card Specialty Games Online

A favourite format brimming with nostalgic action, Scratch Card Specialty Games online offer action and gameplay many players know and love. Much like their land-based counterparts, the cards feature a section that has been obscured.

To play them, you need to place a bet and then tap or swipe the obscured area on the card to reveal symbols. You can win prizes for matching symbols.

Keno and Lottery-Style Online Specialty Games

If you want to play online Specialty games at the casinos we recommend for your iPhone, a good one to start with is Keno. The game was developed in ancient China, and is said to have helped fund the building of the Great Wall.

Like virtually all other Lottery-style Specialty Games, Keno requires players to place a bet and select several numbers. A certified Random Number Generator then produces results, and if your numbers match those results, you can win real money.

Parlour Specialty Games Online

Parlour online Specialty Games are often easy-going, light-hearted, and relaxed. Many take the form of Instant Win games that require little to no effort on your part, other than placing a bet.

Pick-a-Prize types of games are also often featured in the category.

Find the best real money casino Specialty Games with us at the casinos we recommend and enjoy a different kind of gaming that’s just as fun, just as enjoyable and very rewarding too!