Scratch Card Games

Mobile ScratchcardsThe iPhone provides so many ways in which to enjoy your favourite casino games and believe us when we say that everything is available. As long as you’ve got your iPhone by your side, you’ve got a chance to win and win big if luck is on your side. With iPhone casino gaming you can take in the true benefits of what is now commonly becoming known as portable gambling. Slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and video poker are all available to those who would rather play to win on their iPhones. The gaming options don’t’ stop there and go on to include live dealer games, the only way to experience an actual casino game without stepping into an actual casino and if you’re into your sports then iPhone sports betting will wow you to no end. There is however one gaming category that we have thus far failed to mention and that category belongs to scratch card games.

Scratch Card Games: A Brief History

The scratch card is one of the youngest games of chance around. It’s related to the lottery which goes back thousands of years to China, then Italy where it got formalised, then to France for further refinement and eventually the world. But the scratch card itself only really came about in the 1970s when a US company called Scientific American Corporation produced the first instant lottery game. Later in the 1980s a company based in Rhode Island produced an instant scratch-off lottery ticket. The rules have remained the same - you scratch until you match at least three like symbols to win cash. The popularity of scratch card games are due mainly to the low cost of the games. You can purchase more expensive tickets but the broad appeal in term of cost makes scratch card games the game of the people.

Scratch Card Games: Going Online

The internet changed the world and our lives forever and took everything it could into the sphere of cyberspace. One of the many things it absorbed was casino games and with that scratch card games too. The two go hand-in-hand as online scratch card games are found primarily at online casinos. But scratch card games didn’t’ just go online because that’s the way the world was moving; there were also environmental reasons such as cutting down on the production of paper and avoiding any bonding chemicals that would be bad for the environment – although this is an issue that has been resolved for quite some time now. But by far the most prominent reason for online scratch card games being the preferred method of play would be the convenience that comes with it. The concept of convenience extends beyond the ease of access to include things like range of games available, amounts of money to wager and the speed at which you can progress from one game to the next.

Scratch Card Games: Basics of Play

Whether you’re playing online scratch card games or iPhone scratch card games, the only difference is the device you’re using. The rules of play are however universal. Choose a game, get your card and use either your mouse of your finger across your touchscreen to reveal the various images. However, thanks to the joys of digital technology, you’ve got so many more games to choose from, each with its own then and additional features.  This means that the basics of revealing like symbols will remain the same but the way you go about doing it and the setting in which you find yourself can always be a new gaming adventure. And therein once again lies the real beauty of iPhone scratch card gaming, you simply have more fun options and with more options you have more chances to win!