iPhone Optimised European Blackjack Gold Series

European Blackjack Gold Series

The European Blackjack Gold Series is brought to video slots players by Microgaming, one of the largest designers of online video slots games, and is available as an iPhone game.

Feel and Gameplay

Microgaming has approached the European Blackjack Gold Series video slots game like all of their others – offering their players high quality graphics, smooth animations and exciting gaming features.

This video slots game is based on the popular standard card game of blackjack, also commonly referred to as twenty-one. The object of the game is for the players to end up with a hand value that is closest to equalling twenty-one, or at least closer to twenty-one than the hand of the dealer. This is without, of course, going over twenty-one, which leads to an automatic loss.

All blackjack games are played with a standard fifty-two card deck. Cards are automatically shuffled after each hand. Blackjack is considered a game of both skill and luck, and players new to the game, or even those who need a few tips, can easily access online strategy charts and tips. The European Blackjack Gold Series is also available as a free game for those who wish to practise the game before committing to a real money game.

Player’s Options

In the blackjack card game, players will receive one initial card, and they can then choose whether they wish to hit – that is, receive another card, or stand depending on the value of the card they have already received. Players can draw as many cards as they wish, and they also have the option of splitting if they have been dealt a pair. Here, players can double the bet and split their one hand into two hands.

Dealer’s Rules

The dealer in the European Blackjack Gold Series, as in any other blackjack game, will have to follow certain rules. The two most important of these is that they have to hit if their hand value equals sixteen or less and that they have to stand if their hand value equals seventeen or more.

Winning in European Blackjack Gold Series

In order for players to win a hand in the Microgaming European Blackjack Gold Series video slots game, they will have to achieve one of three goals.

Firstly, players will win the hand if they hit a blackjack – that is, if they manage to collect a hand value that is equal to twenty-one. Landing a blackjack is an automatic win. However, if both the dealer and the player land a blackjack, this is considered a draw and players will have to push.

Secondly, players will also win the hand if their hand value is closer to equalling twenty-one than the dealer’s hand is, but has not gone over the value of twenty-one.

Thirdly, players will win a hand of the European Blackjack Gold Series if they have a hand value that is under twenty-one points when the dealer’s hand value goes bust – that is, ends up being of a value higher than twenty-one.

Final Verdict

When it comes to mobile iPhone casino games, European Blackjack Gold provides a premium playing experience in the palm of your hand, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better gaming option elsewhere.