iPhone Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the classiest casino games around. You can picture the scene – swish gentlemen with cigars and elegantly dressed women in red dresses sitting at the table, eyeballing each other whilst the dealer cuts the cards. These players take the game seriously, they play to win, they embody the casino lifestyle and they love it. Trying to replicate this in an online casino is a hard task, but few gaming destinations out there have succeeded. Reproducing this in the App world is even harder, as Blackjack HD and Blackjack for iPhone/iPad have found out.

Haolan Qin’s BlackJack HD and MobilityWare’s Blackjack for iPhone/iPad cover the basics of Blackjack, but that’s as far as their offerings go. Both games have similar appearance and gameplay. You sit down at a green felt table with a $1,000 bankroll and prepare to play against the house. It’s certainly nothing glamorous and no different to old computer versions of Blackjack, with a control system which you’d expect. Hit, stand, split cards, double down or surrender are simple to perform at a tap of a button or a swipe of the screen, making use of the iPad’s unique interface.

An added bonus on these Apps is the Advice button which helps you when you want to know how to play a certain hand. The idea is to use either of these Apps to practice your skills and Blackjack know-how before you start playing for real money.

Here comes a crunch point – money. It’s what we’re playing for, or not in the case of these Apps. You may not be able to bet any real cash, but these Apps provide entertainment value, card-counting practice and generally help build up your Blackjack skills.

One of the biggest problems that Blackjack HD and Blackjack for iPhone/iPad face is the fact there is no multiplayer option. Playing against others is a key element in online gaming and even more important when it comes to Table Games. If you wanted to become a Blackjack superstar, then surely being able to play against your peers would be the best way?  It’s very rare to sit down at a Blackjack table and only play against the dealer, so it would be great if the real life experience could be transferred onto these Apps, with virtual or actual opponents. Due to the lack of this option, gameplay becomes rather dull and repetitive and once you’ve spent all your chips, they get replenished, adding to the monotony of the game.

Overall, neither App is the greatest available, but Blackjack for iPhone/iPad outshines its counterpart. It boasts better settings including changing the number of decks, turning insurance and surrender features on and off and the ability to count cards. Compare this to Blackjack HD’s features of turning the sounds on and off, and it’s a no brainer why the former is the better App. Unfortunately it’s still far from the best.

Blackjack Basics

The basic idea behind blackjack is simply to get as close to the number 21 as possible – this is what it all comes down to. Getting there involves a number of moves and decisions, which is of course what makes the game of blackjack so much fun. Often referred to as the thinking man’s casino game or the perfect game for he or she who would rather have strategy on their side, blackjack, and in this case iPhone blackjack, presents its players with more than just a game. This game requires a bit of brains and a bit of luck to see you through. While there are a number of versions of iPhone blackjack available, the differences in each version are subtle and the standard rules remains the same. You and the dealer are dealt cards and you need to best the dealer by either requesting more cards, standing on 17, doubling down or splitting.

Best Strategy for Beginners

One of the big drawcards of blackjack is the fact that it isn’t a hard game to learn and understand. The values of the cards are all taken at face value except when it comes to the Jack, Queen and King, which all count for 10 in value. The Ace can alternate between 1 and 11 in value. If you’re going to use a strategy, the most recommended one is a chart. Charts are easy to find online and can be downloaded and then used while you play. A chart isn’t going to give you the answers, but it can assist in helping you make a more informed decision. Another way to win at blackjack would be to do a few practice rounds. Most of our iPhone casinos have practice modes. The best thing would be to have your strategy chart by your side and to play in practice mode as this will not cost you anything. With no cash being spent, you can play round after round and sharpen your skills and your confidence. Finally, read up. There is a lot of information online and videos on You Tube that you can reference for a good blackjack strategy.