Classic Slots: Looking Back

Classic SlotsIn the modern era of casino gaming, what is often striking is the staying power of classic slots. Yes, nowadays they’re called classic slots. But let us assure you, when they came out they were just known as slots, nothing more and nothing less. The classic slots era is usually attributed to the 1960s and 70s when the machines were purely mechanical. No screens, no software, nothing digital at all – just moving parts. It was during this time that these games earned a name that still sticks to this day – one armed bandits. Classic Slots used to have a single lever on the side which was used to spin the reels. The physical attributes of the original slot machines is what gave the games so much charm. Slot machines, or classic slots as they are known today was about the entire experience of sitting down, inserting your coins, pulling that lever and watching those three mechanical reels spinning.

Of course the times all moved on; video slots came about and mechanical machines merged with software to the point that only software remained. The hankering for classic slots has remained and even in today’s climate of iPhone casino gaming people still want that classic mechanical feel of games. This is why when you enter a land-based casino you’ll find slot machines that rely on physical moving reels combined with digital elements. It’s all about nostalgia and winning, of course.

iPhone Classic Slots

When you narrow it down and get to the nitty gritty, classic slots are slots at their purist. In fact, classic slots are really for the purist – that player who plays slots because he or she simply loves everything about the setup. The simplicity of classic slot gaming cannot be denied – you’ve got 3 reels and one payline. In some cases the game will dare to offer 3 paylines. It’s all such a far cry from today’s incredibly advanced video slots. In terms of iPhone classic slots the rules, reels and features are precisely the same.

Popular iPhone Classic Slots

Of course we cannot bang on about iPhone classic slots without telling you about specific games or at least about ones that we think you’ll like. So without further delay, we give you our choice of popular iPhone classic slots.

NetEnt iPhone Classic Slots:

Microgaming iPhone Classic Slots:

Play n Go iPhone Classic Slots:

Playtech iPhone Classic Slots:

Betsoft iPhone Classic Slots:

Each software provider mentioned here brings a little something extra to their range of classic slots, be it in the form of theme, look, feel or graphics.  If you’d like to try a bit of everything then we recommend you try out Vera & John, a simply humungous operator that has 500 mobile casino games – more than you’ll find at most rivals, peers or competitors. And if you thought that’s big, wait until you check out Leo Vegas, an all-round mobile casino operator that offers 1000 games! That’s the kind of place that makes sure that once you’re in, you’re staying!