Multi-Spin Slots Guide

One of the great things about slots is that they come in all shapes and sizes, with themes, numbers of reels, payout structures and bonus features to suit all tastes and preferences. While most players have heard of multi-line, multi-way and multi-coin titles, there is new type of machine that gives you the ability to play multiple games at the same time. Multi-Spin slots combine all of the fun of classic 3-reel gaming action with enhanced win opportunities in a unique and novel setup.

 A Brand New Concept

While we all love classic 3-reel or Vegas-style reel spinners, they are not known for their highly interactive bonus features. Most of them have a Scatter symbol, a Wild and a jackpot that is triggered when you land 3 of the same fruit symbols on 1 of the active paylines. The focus is on the reels themselves and landing a payout as frequently as possible. In order to keep the action as intense as possible, online slots enthusiasts tend to play 3 or more games on multiple windows at the same time.

This is where the concept for Multi-Spin titles originated. Instead of having each one on a separate platform, casino software developers decided to combine multiple titles into a single window, giving you the ability to play up to 9 x 3-reel games at once with a single spin. Microgaming released a full set of Multi-Spin titles, which features 3-reel fruit machines lined up on either side of the screen.

A Whole Lot More Fun

With the more traditional options in this format, you can choose how many machines or games you want to play and what stake you want to set for each machine. Then, by clicking on a single spin button, you can set all of the reels in motion, with up to 9 different machines all kicking out possible winning payouts. Theoretically, it is possible to win 9 jackpots at the same time, although the chances of this happening are extremely slim.

This model of multiple games on a single screen has been adapted and perfected across many of the leading software developers. The idea is to give players as much action as they can handle. The problem is that each one requires a separate stake per spin, which quickly saps your bankroll. The advantage is that you can also win multiple times in a single spin.

Playtech’s Multi-Spin Adaptation

Playtech is another renowned software developer and now they have came along and completely revolutionized Multi-Spin online slots. Instead of just packing in multiple titles into a single window, Playtech’s range of titles actually combines the games into one giant machine, with a single stake and a hold feature. Each title is based on one existing 3-reeler such as Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess of Goblin’s Cave. The reels are then duplicated and extended on both sides of the screen making 10 individual rows of reels.

At first glance, it may seem a bit confusing having all these reels lined up together, but after a few spins it becomes far simpler. The best part is that they are all linked, and can all be set to spin with a single push of the spin button. Unlike their predecessors, this only requires a single stake which can be set at the start of each spin. What you are getting is more chances to win on the same stake.

Playtech have also included a handy hold function into their Multi-Spin slots that gives you some control over the outcome. When the spin button is first pushed, the starting reel will spin and stop. You then have the option of holding any of the symbols appearing on reel 1, 2 or 3 that will duplicate on all the other reels. This gives you an even better chance of creating a winning payout on the others.

If you enjoy innovative and exciting entertainment, this type of online slots may be ideal for you. Give them a spin and see!