Gambling in Canada

Canada is the world’s second biggest country and the truth is, Canadians love to live as large as what their territory is big. It’s a country to be proud of, abundant in natural resources and a hive of industry too. Part of the reason why the Canadian system and way of life is so effective and everything just seems to work so well, is because of proper regulations being enforced on all areas of everyday life. This ensures that there are no grey areas and that citizens know exactly what they can and cannot do, and why.

This includes the casino and online casino industries serving the Canadian market and makes playing an absolute pleasure, as there is never any worry of breaking the law, being arrested or fined in any way.

Gambling Legislation In Canada

Canada’s Criminal Code makes provision for certain gambling activities within the confines of the country’s borders. The Criminal Code stipulates a number of regulations concerning gambling and gambling-related activities, but in essence, it prohibits gambling operations or activities by anybody other than provincial state bodies. 

As such, gambling law in Canada varies from one province to the next. Some provinces have instituted licences that allow charitable and religious organisations to operate and benefit from certain gambling activities. This is generally referred to as the charitable gaming exception. The pre-requisite for being on the receiving end of a licence such as this is that any and all profits gained from the operation must be put towards charitable use.

The situation being what it is, is that each province is permitted to apply gambling and gaming regulations as the province sees fit, many provinces opt to outsource gambling activities to privately owned operators. In essence, what this ultimately comes down to is that gambling isn’t illegal in Canada, as long as the necessary licences are obtained and taxes paid to government.

No distinction is made between gambling and online gambling and as such, gambling offered by means of a computer, is also provincial-government managed.

Bonuses Available To Canadian Players

Those operators who do manage to obtain licences to trade in Canada know that Canadians expect only the best in casino and online casino services. No deposit casino bonuses are especially popular among the country’s residents, and it goes without saying that it’s an attractive concept to be in the running of winning some real money without having to risk anything in return.

Popular bonuses available to Canadian players include:

The top 10 casinos in Canada are the ones that offer generous bonuses, and as gambling is legal, claiming these rewards is easy.

Canadian Casinos: Industry Pride

Despite the strict regulations governing the casino and gambling industry in Canada, the lucky and select few operators who do successfully apply for trading licences know not to take anything for granted. As such, casinos in Canada are generally more than just casinos; they are fully developed relaxation resorts. The lights, the eye-popping features, the excitement of winning; it is all there, just waiting to be explored. Casinos in Canada literally are larger than life. 

When it comes to online casinos, those that cater to the Canadian market are top class. As the regulations allow for players to access casinos both locally and foreign based, there is an abundance of choice available, so only the best rise to the top. Operators take pride in their offerings and deliver a huge selection of games for both desktop and mobile.

The Freedom to Play

Despite the fact that gambling is closely regulated in Canada, the Canadian Gambling Commission does not seek to restrict the industry to a point of frustration. Canadian citizens are free to engage in sports betting, local land-based casino games as well as online betting, just as long as it’s done in a responsible manner. 

Even illegal gambling is generally regarded by the Canadian government as a victimless crime. The purpose of regulating the industry has always been a people-centred one. Moreover, most provinces are open to online gambling and there are generally no payment or withdrawal issues to and from foreign sites.

Many online casino sites support the Canadian Dollar. This makes playing online hassle-free and enjoyable, without the humdrum of having to worry about currency conversions. What’s more, the government will only tax a player’s winnings when he or she starts playing professionally, declaring regular winnings as income. An example of this would be professional Poker players like local Canadian star Daniel Negreanu who make their living playing Poker, or who regularly enter tournaments and win huge sums of money.

Due to the strict but fair laws that govern both land based and online casinos in Canada, gambling in this country is a pleasure. There are an abundance of options to suit all preferences and finding the best online casino sites isn’t a hard task. Players simply need to ensure they sign up at a casino that is licensed and regulated, and that welcome players from their region, and they are good to go!