Different Types of Online Slots Payouts

If you’ve played online slots before, you are probably aware that some online slot games pay out more frequently than others. There are titles known for offering incredible payouts every few months, and there are reels famous for seemingly never ceasing to shower players with winnings, albeit in smaller amounts.

But what does it all mean, and how does it all work? This is something the iPhoneCasino.com team takes this very seriously, and right here is where we explain it all. Find out about Return-to-Player percentages and payouts really work, and take a closer look at using all this information in your gaming strategy.

How Slots Pay Out

Stand around in a land based casino for long enough, and you will see pretty quickly that the reels make only a few players really big winners. The rest are usually contented with smaller payouts that tend to come along more often, or they leave to return when they feel luckier.

That is the way slots are designed, and it is part of the reason playing them offers such intense thrills and suspense. You never know if that spin will be the lucky one to land you that tantalizing jackpot. They are also created to have winning and losing streaks, which is why some releases are described at times as being hot – it means players are enjoying winning streaks. The opposite can also happen, and it is important to keep that in mind. This element in the design is also why some offer Progressive Jackpots, which are prize amounts that increase with every real-money bet placed on that title.

Return-to-Player Percentage

Our reviews of online slots powered by the world’s best software providers often mention the game’s Return to Player percentage or rate. Also known as the RTP, it is an indication of how much of your bets you can win back – in theory, of course. The general idea is that, if you spin reels with a one of 97 per cent, you can expect 97.00 of every 100.00 you bet to be returned over a period of time.

Save yourself the effort of racing off to find titles with a RTP of 100 per cent, because it’s not going to happen (yes, we’ve looked). The simple reason is that casinos would never make any money – they would be put out of business in days, if not weeks!

The good news is that percentages vary from one release to another, so it is possible to find some that are more generous theoretically than others. If we cast a quick glance at the available options online, we can find options that put players on almost even ground with the house, such as Blackjack. Through using strategy in Blackjack, players can play any hand they are dealt in a way that improves their chances of beating the dealer and winning the round.

That isn’t quite possible when it comes to slots. However, when you understand how those percentages fit together with random number generation, and what to expect from RTPs of different sizes, you can make betting and gaming decisions that really can improve the whole experience.

Casino Payout Rates

In addition to RTPs, you also need to take mobile casino payout rates into account when looking at the different types of online slots payouts. Each site offers players a slightly different percentage, although the best of them are usually between 96 and 98 per cent.

This indicates what percentage of all bets placed is paid out to players over a period of time. It is not a guarantee that you will win back 98 per cent of every 1.00 or 100.00 you bet.

Game return percentages are identified by the providers that power them. The payout rates of trustworthy gaming sites are usually found in the results published by independent auditors and regulators.

Make It Work For You

Knowing how to use slots and casino payout percentages is the closest you will come to a strategy that can improve your chances of landing wins. Unlike games with rules that let players make various strategic moves, the symbol combinations that appear on the paylines are usually the final result of that spin. As they are produced by a certified Random Number Generator or RNG, they really are random.

There are two things you can do to make those percentages work in your favour. The first is to play releases with the highest RTPs you can find. The higher the number, the better your chances of seeing winnings roll in. The second is to always play online slots at the max bet. The more you bet, the bigger your wins will be, and a quick glance at any paytable will prove us right on this one.

By making a couple of informed choices, you have already set yourself well on the way to a truly satisfying gaming experience. From there on, you can further enhance and enrich it by claiming bonuses on offer, and keeping to a strict bankroll budget as well as personal win and loss limits. You can also participate in tournaments, and use wisely the loyalty rewards you earn when playing for real money at the brands promoted at iPhoneCasino.com!